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2015 King of the Track Champion is ==> Doug Gregory!
2016 Date Winner Pairings
WINNER Wally + $500 Quick Fuel Gift Certificate.  Runner Up $300 Quick Fuel Gift Certificate - Semi's $200 Gift Certificate and First Round Losers $100 Gift Certificate Each!
$1,600 from Quick Fuel!
Joshua Sutton Joshua Sutton vs   Jim Daly 2016


Tommy Neely
Chris Runnells Tommy Neely vs July 16
Doug Gregory
Jim Daly Chris Runnells vs August 6
July 16
August 6 Doug Gregory vs September 10
September 10
Jim Daly is the fifth King of the Track Race Qualifier for 2016!
Doug Gregory is the fourth King of the Track Race Qualifier for 2016!

Chris Runnells is the third King of the Track Race Qualifier for 2016!

Tommy Neely is the second King of the Track Race Qualifier for 2016!
Joshua Sutton is the first King of the Track Race Qualifier for 2016!

Andy Dyer is the Eighth King of the Track Race Qualifier for 2015, and the field is set for November 7th!

2014 Racing Season pictures below are from "dry" to "wet" - watch them move and "Chucky Did It!" - - -



Congratulations Leon Robertson King of the Track for 2013!






2012 King of the Track Program
Congratulations Steve Thurman (Winner) and Kelby Walker (Runner Up)

SUPER PRO Winners of each Quick Fuel "King of the Track" Qualifying Race to be posted here . . . KING OF THE TRACK TO BE DETERMINED FROM QUALIFIERS ON LADDER BELOW WAS RUN ON OCTOBER 20, 2012.

$600 in Gift Certificates Provided to Steve Thurman and Kelby Walker - Again Congratulations - along with Crown, Wally, Champagne - and the recognition of being King of the Track 2012!

Super Pro cars eligible as entered on the specified race dates - tech card earned from winning qualifying race - with the Champion to be crowned on King of the Track Championship Day.  If rained out, next week winner eligible . . . . and if no "next week" qualifying race, then previous winner to eligible or applicable date.  Each qualifying race winner noted below:

2012 Date Run/Winner Pairings King of the Track

Thurman Defeats Walker in Thrilling Finals!

Rick Harless Rick Harless vs Tracy Sons
Steve Thurman
Adam Cline Steve Thurman vs Tracy Sons
Kelby Walker
Tracy Sons Adam Cline vs Derick Adams
Tracy Sons
Derek Adams Kelby Walker vs Mark Swoner
Mark Swoner

Click on thumbnails below to enlarge King of Track celebration pictures . . !


Congratulations to JT Smith - King of the Track Winner 2011 - and thanks to Quick Fuel and TCI Comp Cams . . . !

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